Industry norms by The Norwegian Hospitality Association for managing infection control measures at Norwegian hotels and accommondation providers. 


The industry norms ar based on three supporting pillars of infection control on which the Norwegian Directorate of Health ha bases its guideline:

  • Good hygiene 
  • Reduced frequency of contact between people 
  • Sick people shall be isolated/quarantined 

These measures are based on risk assessments carried out in respect of the operations of hotels/accomondations providers.

We would like to emphasise that individual business must nevertheless undertake their own assessments and measures and implement any actions they deem necessary, based on thhe design of there premises, the size of there business, the number og guests involved and practical considerations.

Measures must be bases on the principles laid down by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and by the municipality. Businesses should strive to avhieve standards which are in line with the intentions laid out in theese guidelines.

Please note that some municipalities have their own regulations and recommendations which specify special requirements for the tourism industry.

Infection control measures for accomondation providers.

  • Any guests and employees who are ill must stay at home. 
  • Avoid congestion in the reception and communal areas, etc. 
  • Consider adopting queuing measures. 
  • Card and other cashless payments. 
  • Encourage guests to wash their hands/use hand sanitisers upon arrival. 
  • Ensure frequent cleaning of all exposed surfaces. Ensure that hotel rooms are cleaned thoroughly between guests. Remove decorative cushions and bedspreads which are not washed regularly. 
  • If any cases of infection are confirmed, hotel rooms and other areas where the guest(s) in question have been staying shall be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of infection. 
  • It is allowed to serve alcohol with food. No alcohol can be served after 10 pm. 
  • There should be a distance of 1 meter between the seats. 
  • Restaurants can not accommodate larger groups, or have more people around a table, than 5 people. This does not apply if all guests belong to the same household. By household is meant people who live together. 
  • Restaurants must ensure that there is a distance of 1 meter between the seats in the room. People in the same household can sit closer. 
  • The number of guests sitting round a table should not exceed the number which would enable the observance of good infection control measures, including having 1-metre social distancing between guests. 
  • One good infection control measure is to avoid too many guests sharing equipment, such as menus, serving cutlery, ketchup bottles, water jugs, salt containers and all other food and equipment intended for sharing. 
  • Remember that infection control measures also apply to employees. Employees must be able to comply with social distancing of 1 metre between each other when working for any length of time in kitchens, etc. 
  • Participants at courses / conferences, performances, events, etc. must be allocated permanent seats. Make sure that it is possible to keep a distance between the participants. Read more in the section on events below. 
  • Ensure that all employees are well trained. 
  • Employees should work in regular “crews” whenever possible to avoid the spread of infection between employees. 
  • Create routines for what happens if a guest or employee becomes infected. See separate point in the form below. 

Updated on 23 february 2021